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For over 20 years experience, the AMPXELL management team has continually contributed to develop and manufacture of advanced lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, energy storage and power supply systems.

We have great advantages in high discharge rate batteries, high energy density batteries, and low temperature lithium batteries.

AMPXELL extensive range of lithium-ion batteries serves not only indoor smart home appliances but also reliable equipment in severe environment, not only vehicles use but also products in a wide range of fields, from deep sea to agricultural drones, even manned aircrafts, to meet the ever more needs of the times. 

Centers in Huizhou city, Guangdong, P,R.C, with over 1000 employees in the group company, over 20,000 m2 workshop, uses the internationally recognized quality management system ISO9001 to provide the framework for consistent performance and service. An integral battery performance test lab, safety & reliability test lab.  Every battery delivered to customer has undergone and passed extensive testing, customers can be confident that we have the tools in place to ensure customer satisfaction in products, supply chain.

Supported by experienced Quality Assurance, Technical Support, and Customer Service teams, adhering to the craftsmanship spirit, we strive to provide customers in various industries with high-quality and competitive green energy solutions.


Cell Production Introduction

Pack Process Flow

Pack Capacity & Lead-time

Lead-time:Lead-time:≤3 weeks
Customized:6-8 weeks( for new project )
Battery Pack Produce Capacity
Week Capacity:    20,000 Set
Month Capacity:   80,000Set

Factory Quality Management System Certifications

Battery Products Safety and Reliablity Certifications

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