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Low Temperature Battery

Low-temperature batteries can maintain a capacity retention rate of greater than 90% in Cold Temperatures of listed below -20 ℃, achieve high-current discharge at an optimum rate of 1.2 C, suitable for the military Special usage and have a longer life (> 300 cycles).Compared to the normal battery, the Low temperature adopts the special electrolyte and makes use of it in cool locations without bring a great deal of replacement batteries, saving the military vehicle area.
The Ordinary batteries are infamously negative and even worse in cold temperature levels.
They may died in mins when trying to run in below no temperatures. When the military appliance runs in the cool atmosphere, It  may rapidly run out of power and even fail to activate, which is not only really bad for the individual experience but also lead the mission failure.
  • Excellent safety performance, withstand the harsh battery acupuncture test;
  • The battery with a wide operating temperature range (-40℃ to 60℃) is specially designed for extremely cold environments;
  • Good thermal stability and super power;
  • Long cycle life even in high-speed drainage;
  • Withstand deep discharge
  • Support up to 2C-5C fast charge, 10-30 minutes full charge;
Specification Operate temperature Cell size /mm Discharge rate (max) Charge speed (max)
at normal temperature 25C at -40*C low temperature at normal temperature 25C
1.05Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 5.7*37*48 1C 0.2C 1C
2.75Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 7.8*36*73 1C 0.2C 1C
3AH 3.85V (-40-60°C) 10*40*58 3C 0.5C 1C
3Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 4.5*75*78 60C 6C 2C
5Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 8.6*45*148 60C 6C 2C
5.5Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 9.5*45*148 45C 3C 2C
5.2AH 3.7V (-40-6CTC) 4.0*89*107 3C 0.5C 1C
6Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 7.2*63*110 25C 3C 2C
6.25Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 8.5*45*148 25C 3C 2C
10Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 8.3*65*188 25C 3C 2C
1.5Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 5.4*48*53 1C 0.2C 1C
16Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 9.7*88*188 3C 0.5C 1C
22Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 10*98*198 3C 0.5C 1C
2.4Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 7.8*42*85 1C 0.2C 1C
2.8Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 4.0*67*100 1C 0.2C 1C
3.1Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 5.7*45*99 1C 0.2C 1C
3.2Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 9.3*45*67 1C 0.2C 1C
3.6Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 9.0*45*68 1C 0.2C 1C
5.2Ah, 3.6V (-40-6CTC) 8.5*43*110 1C 0.2C 1C
6.2Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 5.6*69*135 1C 0.2C 1C
6.7Ah, 3.6V (-40-6CTC) 6.0*55*183 1C 0.2C 1C
7.5Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 9.2*63*126 1C 0.2C 1C
12.5Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 8.6*57*198 1C 0.2C 1C
5Ah3.2V (-40-6CTC) 7.4*70*125 35C 1C 1C
8Ah3.2V (-40-6CTC) 9.0*87*125 35C 1C 1C
10Ah3.2V (-40-6CTC) 9.5*84*165 35C 1C 1C
40Ah2.3v (-45-65C) 24.5*173*115 5C 1C 5C