LiFePo4 Starting Battery

LiFePo4 Starting Battery
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LiFePo4 Starting Battery

What is the advantage of Lithium ion Battery for starter battery.

Since the huge advantages Lithium ion batteries have over lead acid batteries, more people by the hour are changing their lead acid batteries to Lithium ion batteries.

Some of the advantages of Lithium ion batteries:

  • Low temperature starting Performance increased by 5times;
  • Engine starting power increased by 10times;
  • up to 5 years of service life;
  • Ultra light weight, only 1/3 of the Lead-acid;
  • Charging speed increased by 10times;

All of the above advantages make the Lithium ion batteries the obvious choice and make more people switch from lead acid batteries to Lithium ion batteries.

Model No. Dimension (mm) Voltage(V) Capacity (Ah) Energy (Wh) Cranking abitlity CA (2O1C) Cranking abitlity CCAd) Weight (g) Terminal quantity
AMX12-25FQ L1 13*W70*H85 12.8 2.5 32 150A 80A 400 2/4
AMX12-35FQ L113*W70*H105 12.8 3.5 45 210A 120A 540 4
AMX12-50FQ L15O*W87*H94 12.8 5 64 300A 150A 780 2/4
AMX1 2-60FQ L15O*W87*H1O5 12.8 6 76 360A 180A 900 4
AMX12-80FQ L15O*W87*H13O 12.8 8 102 480A 240A 1200 4
AMX12-120FQ L175*W87*H155 12.8 12 153 720A 360A 1650 4