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High Discharge Rate Battery

What is a High Discharge Battery?

Lithium-ion battery is a sort of rechargeable highDischarge battery, which mainly relies upon lithium ions moving between favorable and adverse electrodes to function. Throughoutcharging and discharging, Li+ is ingrained and de-embedded back and forth in between both electrodes: whencharging the battery, Li+ is de-embedded from the favorable electrode as well as embedded in the unfavorable electrode using the electrolyte, and the adverse electrode is in a lithium-rich state; the opposite is true when releasing. This is a battery that normally uses products containing lithium as electrodes. It is the agent of contemporary high performance battery.

The high discharge price is agent of the charge and also discharge ability of the lithium battery relative to the average price. High Discharge price battery indicates the battery can be discharged at high existing. The high Discharge price charging and also releasing efficiency of Li-ion battery is carefully related to the movement ability of Li-ion at the electrode, electrolyte as well as their interface.The high-rate battery is split right into a discharge rate and also a cost price, as well as "C" is made use of to suggest the proportion of the fee as well as discharge current of the battery, that is the rate. For instance, a 2000 mAh battery, 2 C means 4000 mA (2mA of the 2000 mAh battery), as well as 1 C indicates 2000 mA (1 times rate of the 2000 mAh battery).

In Ampxell definition, the High Discharge rate battery describes the discharge rate can meet the pulse over 40C, continual 10C, extensively used in high present discharge and other special celebrations. It is suitable for high power products such as drones, designs as well as power tools.

Typically high discharge rate batteries can be rapidcharged. Nonetheless, given that lithium ions are installed in the negative electrode graphite duringcharging, the procedure of inserting lithium ions right into the positive electrode during the discharge procedure is difficult, so the rapid charge price is normally lower than the discharge price.

Attributes of high Discharge price lithium polymer batteries.

With excellent high existing discharge performance, high platform, excellent cycle life, and so on.
ReleaseDischarge can fulfill pulse 40C, continual 10C, and fastcharging capacity as much as 5C.

Standard Voltage:3.7V

Charging Temperature:10℃~45℃

Discharge Temperature:-20℃~80℃

Storage Temperature:10℃~45℃

Promised Life Span:300 cycles

Rate of Quick Charge:5C (80% of full charge in 12 minutes)

Continuous Discharge:45C

Discharge for 2 seconds:90C

Pulse Discharge:150C

% of 1C Capacity:97%

(* The discharge capacity is less than 80% of the initial capacity)

Standard Voltage:3.2V

Charging Temperature:10℃~45℃

Discharge Temperature:-20℃~60℃

Storage Temperature:10℃~45℃

Promised Life Span:1500 cycles

Continuous Discharge:40C

Discharge for 2 seconds:80C

Pulse Discharge:150C

% of 1C Capacity:95%

(* The discharge capacity is less than 80% of the initial capacity)

Regular Battery VS High C Price Battery

High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery vs. Normal BatteryHigh Discharge Rate LiPo Battery vs. Normal BatteryHigh Discharge Rate LiPo Battery vs. Normal Battery
Due to the high-rate battery make use of the electrode product which agrees with for high-rate discharge, the interior resistance style of the electrode is smaller than that of the common battery, so the price battery have high discharge platform, high discharge performance, and high output power and energy.

Rapid Charge CurveQuickCharging battery

3C full just takes 25min, normal lithium battery 1C charging takes more than 80min, as quick fee contour, theCharging time can save more than 60%.

High performance in power, discharge, and also life cycles as a result of piling process.

Capability to achieve 150C pulse, 90C discharge for 2seconds, 45C continuous discharge, as well as 5C quickCharging.
Supplies much better temperature level security as well as resistance because of the allowance of higher discharge rate.
Ultra-thin features, light weight, adaptable dimension, adaptable shapes, and also capacity to fit lots of applications.
With ultra-thin attributes, little size, incredibly light weight, High discharge price lithium polymer can be made into a selection of shapes as well as capacities of shaped batteries, thickness can get to 0.45 mm;

Why you require High Discharge Rate Battery?

If the average battery is rapid charged, it is very easy to create lithium removing of the unfavorable electrode, which results in an accelerated deterioration of the battery efficiency. In extreme instances, the inner short circuit leads a fire surge of the battery might occur. Most consumer applications need just 1C of battery, you need to pick high discharge battery that if you require higher discharge prices and also faster charging times. With the advancement of various sectors, the demand for greater discharge and faster-charging needs for batteries is enhancing continuously.
Today, high-rate batteries are extensively utilized in airborne drones, farming plant defense drones, emergency beginning power materials, model airplane, power devices and also etc

High Discharge Cell Applications

AMPXELL's high discharge cell for RC Hobby, Power Equipment, Electric Racing Motorbike, Electric Paramotor, Solution Trainee Auto, Electric Skateboard, Power Sports Beginning Battery, Dive Beginner, Portable Power plant etc. Our R&D team works very closely with clients to offer the most effective option for their batteries.
AMPXELL High Discharge battery for powerful automobile jump starter
AMPXELL high discharge price pouch cell is presently the best as well as generally made use of for vehicle jump starter. We offer dive starter OEM/ODM remedies in addition to customized LiPo/LiFePO4 cells for Jump Starter.
AMPXELL Jump Starters are ultra-compact, yet powerful devices with the power of lithium technology. Extra pound for pound, lithium offers extreme power result at a fraction of the dimension. As well as coupled with premium electronics and also design, it produces risk-free and reliable performance.
Mobile lithium battery jump starter evacuates to 2,000 A. Powerful battery booster jump box for dive starting automobiles, watercrafts, motorbikes and also even more.


How to charge the high discharge rate lithium battery?

First, the new battery charging

Generally, the new high discharge Rate lithium battery needs to be activated, after the battery has been placed for a period of time, it will enter a dormant state, at which time the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is shortened, so it needs to be activated. Lithium battery activation method is very simple, as long as after 3 to 5 normal charge and discharge cycle can activate the battery, restore the normal capacity.

Second, the old battery charging

1. Charging method

Old battery is a battery that has been cycled charge and discharge many times, not a scrap battery. The life of high discharge Rate lithium battery has nothing to do with the number of charge and discharge, it has no memory effect, no matter how you charge, will not affect the number of charge cycles. So do not use the battery to completely dead and then recharge, it is best when you can charge, try to charge the battery full, charging time to 2-3 hours or less, of course, you do not have to be full, to do shallow charge shallow discharge.

2. Charging voltage

high discharge Rate lithium battery safe working voltage range is 2.8V to 4.2V, below or above this voltage range, the lithium ion in the battery becomes unstable. To ensure that the battery is in a safe range, so special chargers are required. These chargers will automatically adjust the charging method according to the current state of the battery.

3. Charging tools

high discharge Rate lithium battery charging to use a special charger, it can guarantee the safety of charging. When the charger works, it charges the battery with a constant current. As the battery voltage rises, the charger increases the charging voltage at the same time to speed up the charging speed. When the battery reaches the 4.2V cutoff voltage, the battery is only about 70% charged (not full). At this point, the charger is a constant voltage, gradually become smaller current to continue charging the battery, when the value to less than 0.1A charging is still detected when the battery voltage continues to rise before stopping charging.

4. Regular charging

Long-term use of high discharge Rate lithium batteries, should be stored in a cool and dry place in a half-charged state. Full charge storage battery will be damaged, and no charge storage, the battery may be destroyed, thus losing its role. In the process of storage, every 3 to 6 months, a charging cycle should be completed to do a power calibration.

In summary,With the development of science and technology, high discharge Rate lithium battery products have now become a variety of large rate electronic products. high discharge Rate lithium batteries are generally able to fully charge and discharge 300 ~ 500 charging cycles, more than this number, the battery can not be used, of course, this is only as a reference. high discharge Rate lithium battery life and the number of charge has nothing to do with the cycle of charge and discharge, that is, the number of times from zero to full charge.

why us?

Ampxell was founded in 2005. We are an advanced modern technology firm focused on the research study as well as production of Li-po batteries, LiFePO4 batteries and development of power management systems. After decades of growth, Ampxell is now among the biggest manufacturers of high C-rate and also high capability batteries. Our self-owned brands Ampxell are distinguished house and also abroad.
Ampxell's years of know-how in batteries have actually created multiple products commonly used and also recognized in various areas, such as, unmanned aircraft systems, R/C hobbies, consumer electronics, clinical instruments, portable power, electronic devices, and also army associated tasks. Depending on our independent battery and electronics R&D team, we offer high-class OEM/ODM solution to consumers, and have attained accreditation of gold vendor from many popular residential and overseas business.
Thus far, our sales network covers all locations of China, the majority of locations of Asia, Europe, America, Austria, as well as some areas of Africa. We additionally are looking for the global distributors to supply better solution to our customers for distribution effectiveness and also after-sales solution.

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