Low Temperature Battery for Military Use

Low Temperature Battery for Military Use
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Low Temperature Battery for Military Use

Low-temperature batteries can maintain a capacity retention rate of greater than 90% in Cold Temperatures of listed below -20 ℃, achieve high-current discharge at an optimum rate of 1.2 C, suitable for the military Special usage and have a longer life (> 300 cycles).

Compared to the normal battery, the Low temperature adopts the special electrolyte and makes use of it in cool locations without bring a great deal of replacement batteries, saving the military vehicle area.The Ordinary batteries are infamously negative and even worse in cold temperature levels. They may died in mins when trying to run in below no temperatures. When the military appliance runs in the cool atmosphere, It  may rapidly run out of power and even fail to activate, which is not only really bad for the individual experience but also lead the mission failure.

Attributes of Low temperature Battery Solution

Solid Compatibility:Wider Operating Temperature Range
In extreme temperatrure atmospheres,Military Usage are still crucial for many troops, yet they have rough temperature level needs. Ampxell's battery solution can still function normally also at temperatures of -20 ℃ to +70 ℃, also preserve extreordinatry quality.

Stacking Lithium Cells:High Current Discharge
It still be kept a high current discharge of up to 1.2 C in a low-temperature setting of -20 ℃.

Special Low-Temp. 
Electrolyte: Discharge at Extreme Temperature at -50 ℃.
In the cool setting with extreme temperature of -50 ℃, the battery can still be used, maintaining a capability retention price of greater than 50%.

Low Temperature Performance

Discharge efficiency at different rates at normal temperature: 0.5C discharge efficiency is 100%; 1C discharge efficiency is 99.14%; 1.2C discharge efficiency is 98.67%; 1.5C discharge efficiency is 97.31%

The discharge curve of Ampxell low temperature battery at different temperatures can realize discharge at different temperatures, and the minimum discharge efficiency of -40℃ is more than 60%.

The discharge curve of Ampxell low temperature battery at different temperatures, keeps high discharge efficiency at low temperature.

Ampxell Low temperature profiled battery charge 20℃ /-30℃ discharge cycle test. Discharge by 0.2C @-30℃, over 85% of the capacity is maintained after 300 cycles.

Ampxell Technical Advantages

Reduced self-discharge
The self-discharge of  military appliance additionally has strict requirements. The longer the self-discharge time of 3.3V-1.6V, the far better. ampxell gives the idea of time as 2 years. It takes two years for our battery to end up being The gadget requires to be reenergized after self-discharge.

Stacking lithium battery: Low inner resistance
Relating to the dimension of the battery, it is additionally difficult. Action cam products are created around the length and also width of little dimension and give several series as well as parallels services. Many small winding battery companies can not completely finish the production of this sort of battery. The most significant problem is Cracks and also breaks in the edges of the outlet, so the stacking process has become one of our advantages.

Formed battery: customizable lithium battery dimensions
Ampxell custom-shaped batteries are developed to match any kind of and all areas in an item. In order to offer the most effective effectiveness, Ampxell batteries can be made to suit also unused rooms, we have actually been cooperating with a number of the top 500 companies worldwide.

Ampxell Low Temperature Cell list

Specification Operate temperature Cell size /mm Discharge rate (max) Charge speed (max)
at normal temperature 25C at -40*C low temperature at normal temperature 25C
1.05Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 5.7*37*48 1C 0.2C 1C
2.75Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 7.8*36*73 1C 0.2C 1C
3AH 3.85V (-40-60°C) 10*40*58 3C 0.5C 1C
3Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 4.5*75*78 60C 6C 2C
5Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 8.6*45*148 60C 6C 2C
5.5Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 9.5*45*148 45C 3C 2C
5.2AH 3.7V (-40-6CTC) 4.0*89*107 3C 0.5C 1C
6Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 7.2*63*110 25C 3C 2C
6.25Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 8.5*45*148 25C 3C 2C
10Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 8.3*65*188 25C 3C 2C
1.5Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 5.4*48*53 1C 0.2C 1C
16Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 9.7*88*188 3C 0.5C 1C
22Ah3.7V (-40-6CTC) 10*98*198 3C 0.5C 1C
2.4Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 7.8*42*85 1C 0.2C 1C
2.8Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 4.0*67*100 1C 0.2C 1C
3.1Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 5.7*45*99 1C 0.2C 1C
3.2Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 9.3*45*67 1C 0.2C 1C
3.6Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 9.0*45*68 1C 0.2C 1C
5.2Ah, 3.6V (-40-6CTC) 8.5*43*110 1C 0.2C 1C
6.2Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 5.6*69*135 1C 0.2C 1C
6.7Ah, 3.6V (-40-6CTC) 6.0*55*183 1C 0.2C 1C
7.5Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 9.2*63*126 1C 0.2C 1C
12.5Ah3.6V (-40-6CTC) 8.6*57*198 1C 0.2C 1C
5Ah3.2V (-40-6CTC) 7.4*70*125 35C 1C 1C
8Ah3.2V (-40-6CTC) 9.0*87*125 35C 1C 1C
10Ah3.2V (-40-6CTC) 9.5*84*165 35C 1C 1C
40Ah2.3v (-45-65C) 24.5*173*115 5C 1C 5C

why us?

Ampxell was founded in 2005. We are an advanced modern technology firm focused on the research study as well as production of Li-po batteries, LiFePO4 batteries and development of power management systems. After decades of growth, Ampxell is now among the biggest manufacturers of high C-rate and also high capability batteries. Our self-owned brands Ampxell are distinguished house and also abroad.

Ampxell's years of know-how in batteries have actually created multiple products commonly used and also recognized in various areas, such as, unmanned aircraft systems, R/C hobbies, consumer electronics, clinical instruments, portable power, electronic devices, and also army associated tasks. Depending on our independent battery and electronics R&D team, we offer high-class OEM/ODM solution to consumers, and have attained accreditation of gold vendor from many popular residential and overseas business.

Thus far, our sales network covers all locations of China, the majority of locations of Asia, Europe, America, Austria, as well as some areas of Africa. We additionally are looking for the global distributors to supply better solution to our customers for distribution effectiveness and also after-sales solution.

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