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Drone UAV Batteries

Ampxell specializes in customized, semi-customized and sprayer drone battery. We could design and manufacture customized batteries ranging from chemistry to structure and protection systems. As a professional drone battery supplier, we confidently provide the perfect battery solution for your specific project. Whatever OEM or ODM, leave it to Ampxell.LiCoO2 high discharge lithium battery,load more and last longer;

  • There is intelligent and battery level LED indicator (optional);
  • Extreme low resistance, less heat loss ;
  • Intelligent BMS with sleep mode;(optional);
  • Support 2C quick charge, can complete charging in 30 minutes;
  • Communication with main board( optional);
  • Wide operate temperature range,-20℃ to 60℃;
  • Cell heating function for low temperature environment (optional);
  • Highlighted is the recommended style