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48v 48Ah energy storage battery solar solution

2022/02/20 09:18:59

According to the technical needs of customers, AmpXell Technology develops and designs low-temperature lithium battery power supply systems and program design.

In this solution, the battery system voltage output range is 20.65V~28.5V, the maximum output current is 300A, the working temperature is -40℃~55℃, and the storage temperature is -43℃~﹢70℃. The battery can be improved by self-heating. The power receiving capacity of the system, the maximum size of the system is 820*300*230, with CAN communication function, which can realize information interaction with the chassis control computer. The power supply system can collect and report voltage and current parameters in real time, and has functions such as output overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit protection, charging reminder, low battery reminder, full battery reminder, etc.

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