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12.8v 8Ah start battery motorcycle program

2022/02/20 09:18:37

Large-scale lithium battery energy storage system devices have been increasingly developed and applied. Energy storage lithium battery packs refer to various emergency energy storage batteries.With the improvement of the requirements of various application systems on the cycle life, working environment and environmental protection of the matched batteries, environmental protection and other requirements, the unique high voltage, high capacity, long life, environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics of lithium batteries, more and more are equipped with various energy storage-related systems, and its supporting systems include households Energy storage system, military portable energy, portable emergency communication power supply, solar street light system, communication power supply system, monitoring station power supply system, integrated energy storage system, solar power generation system, etc.

AmpXell independently develops and produces batteries, BMS and system integration design. It can provide customers with integrated solutions from battery modules and energy storage systems. Our product applications: telecommunications, communications, solar energy storage batteries, UPS Intermittent power supplies, nuclear power stations, hydropower stations, wind power storage, mobile communication base stations, street lights and urban lighting projects, emergency lighting, forklifts, car starting, lighting, fire protection, alarms, security systems, etc.