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The epidemic is down, European countries are back to work and lift their ban - are you ready?

2020/06/10 21:51:28


The government stated that Austria began to relax its blockade measures on May 1.

There will still be some people who go out together in violation of the restrictions and must keep a distance of one meter in public.

The restaurant will reopen on May 15 and the hotel will open on May 29.

The country is one of the first countries in Europe to recover its economy.



Belgium intends to continue implementing its far-reaching restrictions until May 3. Residents must stay at home unless they need to go to work, supermarkets, sanitation facilities, visit people in need or exercise.

From May 4th, non-essential shops and businesses will be allowed to gradually open. From May 18th, people can visit the coast and Ardennes Forest. Bars and restaurants will reopen from June 8th.

However, major events such as music festivals will not be held until at least September.


Czeh Republic

On April 24, the Czech blockade was partially lifted, allowing domestic travel to resume. The day before, the government stated that it would lift the ban on overseas travel, but anyone returning to the country must provide a negative COVID-19 test report or they will be quarantined for a period of time.

On April 27, the European Union relaxed its border restrictions, allowing people from other European Union countries to take short-term business travel. Under restrictions, seasonal workers can also enter.

Some businesses and stores have been allowed to reopen, including Skoda, which has restarted production of cars. At the same time, gatherings of up to 10 people are also allowed, while the previous rule was 2 people.



The strict blockade imposed by France on March 17 will be gradually relaxed from May 11. The first phase of "lifting from prison" will last three weeks and will last until June 2.

Depending on the geographic impact of the flu pandemic, restrictions may be lifted at different rates across the country. Relatively strict measures may still be applied to particularly severely affected areas, such as eastern France and the wider Paris region.

Kindergartens and elementary schools will gradually open from May 11, middle schools will follow up after a week, and decisions about high schools will be made at the end of the month.

People will no longer need to fill out a form proving a reason to leave home or travel 100 kilometers. A social gathering of up to 10 people is allowed. But larger events will be banned for a few months, and the French football season will also be canceled.


Compared with other world powers, Germany has successfully contained the virus and started to take the first step to relax restrictions on April 20. Small shops are allowed to reopen while respecting social distance, as are other industries such as car dealers and bicycle shops.

The government hopes that schools that have been closed since mid-March can reopen on May 4-starting with older students, while some other countries plan to reopen classes for younger children first.

Since the restrictions began to relax, people are worried that the coronavirus infection rate will rise again. It is believed that the government will wait for this trend to be confirmed before taking any corrective measures.

Germany also extended the global travel warning to mid-June.


From May 4, outdoor personal sports will be allowed again, and bookstores, hair salons and electronic stores will reopen. Working hours will be staggered to reduce mutual influence.

Restaurants, hotels and shopping centers will not be allowed to open until June 1.

Playgrounds and public beaches will continue to be closed, and travel can only be done in someone’s home area.

The high school graduating class will reopen on May 11, and other high school and middle school grades will start a week later. Young children may return to school on June 1.

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