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What does the Power battery supply chain

2021/07/22 00:07:19

With the strong wave of electrification, the demand for power batteries has soared. In the first half of 2021, the installed capacity of power batteries was approximately 46.39GWh, an increase of 177% year-on-year. In the first half of the year, the entire industry chain was basically in full production.

Demand is booming, and supply chain security has become the biggest challenge. In the first half of the year, successive price increases caused by shortages of raw materials continued to take place, and the butterfly effect caused by the shortage of some materials even restricted the release of power battery production capacity. Obviously, supply chain security has become the biggest challenge for current power battery companies.

After the industry reshuffle in the past few years, the market concentration in each link of the power battery supply chain has increased significantly, and the subdivided head enterprises are deeply bound with the battery factories, and the enterprise competition pattern has taken shape. Next, the industry is brewing a new round of aggregation and fission, the strong will remain strong, and the vertical integration of the industry chain and horizontal grouping will become the norm.

Ningde Times, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Guoxuan, BYD, LG Chem and other battery companies have successively bound the long-term and stable supply of upstream key raw materials through long-term orders, strategic shareholdings, and acquisitions. With the expansion of power battery scale, the importance of raw material supply has become increasingly prominent. More and more battery companies will realize the importance of stable supply of raw materials and adopt multiple strategies to maintain stability and supply.

Cost reduction is the underlying logic of materials companies. The increase in raw material prices has become the biggest obstacle, and the integration of upstream raw materials by materials companies has become a trend. It is foreseeable that whoever controls the key upstream resources next will be expected to win the next round of market competition.

The large-scale launch of power battery production capacity will further test the delivery speed and capacity supply of equipment companies. How to ensure the batch stability and smooth delivery of products on hand has become the primary problem faced by equipment companies. As far as equipment companies are concerned, upwards, it is necessary to accelerate the horizontal integration and vertical extension of lithium battery equipment; downwards, the deep binding and upgrading of the cooperation relationship with batteries, and the introduction of power battery companies' strategic investment.

2021 shows that the capital of the power battery industry chain has undergone significant changes: large-scale large-scale acquisitions have significantly reduced, external capital tends to be rational, and more is the integration of the resources of enterprises in all links of the lithium battery industry chain, through shareholding and capital increase diversification Integrating upstream and downstream resources, the material field is particularly prominent,

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