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12v 20Ah energy storage power battery

Battery model:AMX12-200FE
Rated Capacity:20Ah

FeaturesEnergy Store Battery ListWhy Choose Us

● LiFePO 4 battery has excellent structural stability and thermal stability, and can remain safe even in extremely harsh environments

● Lead-free lightweight energy storage power battery

● 12v /24v / 36v / 48v / 60v series battery packs are available

● Commonly used plugs, such as WS20-3, GX12-3 aviation plug, cigarette lighter, AC universal socket, etc.

● 12v, 24v constant voltage output (optional function)

● Smart BMS supports communication with the motherboard

●Communicate with the mobile phone application via Bluetooth (optional) and communicate with the main controller RS485 protocol

● IP54 waterproof

● Lightweight, 70%-80% lighter than lead-acid batteries

● Good -20~60℃ high and low temperature performance

● LED battery indicator

● 5 years long service life

● More than 3000 times deep cycle long life

●Can withstand 100% deep discharge, while lead-acid batteries can only withstand 50% deep discharge (DOD)

Description Wh ERP code Cell and configure Cell type Volt range  Temperature range Dimension
Weight Discharge Charge speed Housing
max continuous
max current
12.8V 8Ah plastic case 102 AMX12-80FE 18730 8Ah 3.2v
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 151*65*94mm
1.1Kg 8A 4A ABS+PC
12.8V 10Ah plastic case 128 AMX12-100FE 18730 5Ah 3.2v
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 151*99*94mm
1.6kg 10A 5A ABS+PC
12.8V 20Ah plastic case 256 AMX12-200FE 18730 5Ah 3.2v
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 181*77*168mm
3.0kg 20A 10A ABS+PC
12.8V 30Ah plastic case 384 AMX12-300FE 32700 5Ah 3.2v
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 195*133*171mm
4.8kg 30A 15A ABS+PC
12.8V 50Ah plastic case 640 AMX12-500FE 32700 5Ah 3.2v
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 198*166*170mm
6.5Kg 50A 25A ABS+PC
12.8V 100Ah plastic case 1280 AMX12-1000FE SP82117169-16Ah
LiFePO4 10v-14.6v (-20 - 60℃) 522*240*218mm
10kg 100A 50A ABS+PC
12.8V 150Ah plastic case 1920 AMX12-1500FE SP82117169-16Ah
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 522*240*218mm
15kg 100A 50A ABS+PC
12.8V 200Ah plastic case 2560 AMX12-2000FE SP82117169-16Ah
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 522*240*218mm
20kg 150A 100A ABS+PC
12.8v 300Ah plastic case 3840 AMX12-3000FE SP82117169-16Ah
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 522*240*218mm
29kg 150A 100A ABS+PC
12.8v 400Ah steel case 5120 AMX12-4000FE SP82117169-16Ah
LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 255*238*545mm 40kg 120A 100A steel case
24v 100Ah plastic case 2560 AMX24-1000FE SP82117169-16Ah LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 522*240*218mm
20kg 100A 50A ABS+PC
24V 200Ah steel case 5120 AMX24-2000FE SP82117169-16Ah LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 255*238*545mm 40kg 150A 50A steel case
48V 48Ah plastic case 2458 AMX48-480FE SP82117169-16Ah LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 522*240*218mm
20kg 48A 24A ABS+PC
48v 100Ah steel case 5120 AMX48-1000FE SP82117169-16Ah LiFePO4 10V-14.6V (-20 - 60℃) 255*238*545mm 40kg 100A 50A steel case
Battery power storage space remedies can significantly boost business efficiency with safe, effective and protected energy storage-- from standard power generation, transmission and also distribution, as well as sustainable power, to industrial and also business markets.

Lots of business are facing concerns such as increasing energy need, limited site ability, waste of regenerated energy and intermittent renewables regrowth, making battery energy storage space a vital part of any kind of power technique. Battery energy storage solutions have the possible to boost business value across the power value chain and support a varied variety of applications consisting of firming renewables production, stabilising the electrical grid, regulating power flow, optimizing asset procedure and creating new income.

Why Choose Us
Ampxell provides a variety of know-how and also a detailed one-stop service from layout, develop and also application. We work with our customers to establish fully incorporated power storage space services that help them fulfill their objectives. Unlike various other product suppliers, we are not bound by a solitary brand name, so we can provide a vast array of trustworthy choices for batteries as well as parts that cover various circumstances. Incorporated with our years of experience as well as strong collaborations within the sector, we are experts in delivering flexible and specialised solutions that satisfy the special needs of every client.

Benefits to Customer
Battery energy storage options integrate throughout the grid to help customers do more than they ever believed possible: dispatchability and also predictability of renewables can be increased, extra income streams for growth can be developed, and regrowed power in electric motor stopping can be captured and made use of. Our solutions can boost assimilation and also enhance the utilisation of renewable resource generated. Furthermore, power fees can be minimized by reducing the need at peak times.

Ampxell offers the complying with solutions:
One-stop service for clients covering style, build and application.
Assimilation of renewable energy installations.
User friendly battery management systems.
On-going technical support and maintenance.

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